Neuroscience Program at Illinois
The Neuroscience Program at Illinois (NSP) is an interdisciplinary program of study and research leading to the doctoral degree. The program offers a rigorous, yet flexible, program designed to foster the growth of the student through research activities, close interactions with faculty, and exposure to top neuroscientists through its seminar series. NSP currently has over 85 affiliated faculty from more than 2o departments, and 70 students, studying the brain from a broad range of perspectives.

Carle Neuroscience Institute
The Carle Neuroscience Institute is home to some of the most advanced neuroscience services and technology available. The team of specialists at CNI are uniquely trained to treat diseases and injuries of the brain, spine, spinal cord, and nervous system. The CNI has a comprehensive range of neuroscience diagnostic and surgical services to help thousands of area patients live longer, manage their conditions, and discover an improved quality of life. Physicians within the CNI are collaborating with Illinois researchers. Within CNI is the Epilepsy Center and the Primary Stroke Center. If you are interested in collaborating with CNI, contact Gillian Cooke, IHSI research development specialist with clinical and translational neuroscience.

IHSI Program Area: Clinical and Translational Neuroscience
Clinical and Translational Neuroscience is one of IHSI's program areas. IHSI research development specialist, Gillian Cooke, is working to grow this community by helping people find collaborators, parntnerships and resources.