Biomedical Imaging Center (BIC)
The Biomedical Imaging Center (BIC) is a unit within the Beckman Institute for Advanced Sciences and Technology. BIC traces its heritage to the Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Laboratory founded at Illinois by Paul Lauterbur, a winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine. BIC is a state-of-the-art biomedical imaging facility committed to the development of cutting edge techniques which integrate MR methods with other imaging techniques, including optical imaging, eye-tracking, EEG, and MEG. BIC equipment can be viewed by lab:

Imaging Technology Group
The Imaging Technology Group (ITG) is a unit within the Beckman Institute for Advanced Sciences and Technology. ITG serves researchers by providing state-of-the-art microscopy/spectroscopy and image processing/rendering through its Microscopy Suite and its Visualization Laboratory.

Institute for Genomic Biology Core Facilities
The Core Facilities at the Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB) is a state-of-the-art resource for biological microscopy and image analysis. Their mission is to provide IGB faculty, as well as faculty from across campus, with the tools and expertise to meet their imaging goals. In addition to providing technical assistance in aquiring and analzying microsopy images the staff is also available to aid in designing and interpreting experiments. The Histology Laboratory is also within the Core Facilities.

Materials Research Laboratory Central Research Facilities
The MRL Central Research Facilities hosts cutting-edge research instrumentation and a dedicated professional staff to help researchers get the most out of the equipment. Within the MRL are the following:

Molecular and Cellular Biology CDB Microscopy Facility
The CDB Microscopy Facility is a unit within the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology. Micrscope training and assistanceis available to researchers.