8.27.2015 New Optical Method Promises Faster, more Accurate Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

A new optical method for more quickly and accurately determining whether breast tissue lesions...

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8.18.2015 Drug Trial in Dogs with Cancer May Speed Advances in Human Oncology

Pet dogs may be humans’ best friends in a new arena of life: cancer treatment, said University...

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8.14.2015 Research by the Numbers: The Power of Data to Transform Individualized Medicine

The Center for Individualized Medicine at Mayo Clinic and the University of Illinois are teaming...

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8.11.2015 U.S. Senator Durbin Calls for Stronger Federal Investment in Biomedical Research

In his visit to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus, Senator Durbin discussed...

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8.06.2015 C*STAR Fall 2015 Awardees Announced

The Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Initiative, the Cancer Community at Illinois, and Carle...

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7.22.2015 Computational Genomics Course Now Underway

The Computational Genomics Course, organized by the Mayo-Illinois Alliance and sponsored by the...

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7.16.2015 Futuristic Brain Probe Allows for Wireless Control of Neurons

A study showed that scientists can wirelessly determine the path a mouse walks with a press of a...

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6.29.2015 Tech Firm Gives $10M to New Carle-UI Medical School

The new Carle-University of Illinois College of Medicine has received its first major gift, a $...

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6.23.2015 Carle and U of I Developing the Next Generation of Brain Imaging

MRE research looks to improve brain tumor surgery, epilepsy treatment and outcomes, and more.
6.22.2015 New Technology Looks into the Eye and Brings Cells into Focus

Dr. Stephen Boppart led a team that developed a new medical imaging device that can see...

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