The University of Illinois’ distinctive opportunity for striving toward addressing humanity’s most pressing health concerns lies in our unique ability to view the world through a variety of interdisciplinary prisms.

Health Sciences Strategic Plan

In Fall 2017, IHSI led development of the Health Sciences Strategy Task Force (HSSTF) Final Report, which stated "Commitment to having an impact on human health and well-being can be a powerful uniting force that allows Illinois to achieve new levels of local, national, and global impact." The work of the HSSTF generated excitement and curiosity across campus as various administrators, faculty, researchers, and other stakeholders offered valuable input to better reflect and advocate for the breadth and scale of health and its important role in research, education, and engagement. 

Town Hall meetings were held in February 2018 to present the outcomes and findings of the Health Sciences Strategy Task Force (HSSTF), and the vision it presents of a world-class Health Sciences Ecosystem at Illinois. View the presentation slides

The Next 150

Health Sciences is one of nine strategic focus areas of the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan, or The Next 150. To learn more, visit